Vape During Lockdown: Make It Work

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Covid-19 or Coronavirus as it was originally called has affected everyone. Our work, our daily habits, our social contact and more. It certainly hasn’t been much fun, that’s for sure. While many activities have been curbed thanks to C19, vaping has not. We look at how to vape during lockdown, with tops tips for enhancing your enjoyment and making sure your hobby isn’t interrupted.

Make Sure you Have Enough to Vape During Lockdown

Here at, we have been able to keep stock coming through. For now, e liquid levels are at normal levels. If we are being realistic, this may not always be the case. If supply routes are disrupted for any reason, this might change. Of course, the current situation is already resulting in disruption to deliveries for everyone, with priority being given to essential deliveries and so on. Again, right now, there is no disruption and only minor delivery delay. We’d advise making sure that you have enough to keep you going for a little while in case this changes.

Thankfully with cheap one pound e liquids (or less) available, stocking up on high-quality vaping juice won’t break the bank. It would also be wise to make sure that you have enough vaping kit to keep you going. By this, we mean batteries (on in and one charged is a good rule of thumb, especially if you’re going to be vaping more), tanks, coils/wicks and so on. Don’t get caught short.

Take The Opportunity To Connect With Others

One thing this lockdown has given many of us is time. We’re not going out socialising and many are working from home. As well as giving everyone more time to vape, this time offers us the opportunity to connect with others in the vaping community. There are many forums and sites around the world dedicated to celebrating vaping and connecting vapers together. This gives you the opportunity to learn new things about vaping, get recommendations, read or hear reviews and even learn new tricks. If you’re going to have time on your hands you should use it in a constructive and fun way.

Try New Things

While you’re at home more, think about trying new ways to enjoy your vape during lockdown. The logical first step would be to try out new flavours. If you tend to stick to your favourite one or two tastes, now is the perfect time to enjoy something you usually wouldn’t. For example, if you vape tobacco, go one step further and try the RY4 tobacco blend. This is deliciously moreish tobacco taste with added caramel and vanilla tones is one of our best selling flavours of all times.

Perhaps tobacco isn’t your thing. We have a wide range of flavours from fruits, drinks, dessert flavoured e juice and more, all very affordable and all made from premium grade ingredients. Give your tastebuds a holiday and experiment with new flavours.

On top of new flavours, this is also the time to try new e liquid types. If you’ve always gone for a more or less 50/50 PG/VG split, perhaps now trying high VG e juice could be for you? High VG vapes are loved by sub-ohm vapers and anyone who enjoys a big vape cloud full of flavoursome vapour. 

There are many ways to switch up your vaping. If you get stuck into some of the vaping fan site and YouTube channels you may well learn a few new tricks.

How To Vape During Lockdown: In Conclusion

Remember that in order to enjoy your vaping, you have to be safe and well. Please ensure that you are following Government rules about being locked down and/or social isolation where needed. Pretty much anything you need may be ordered online and for those few things that can’t, keep to the rules about physical distancing or if in social isolation please make sure that you ask a friend or family member to get your essentials. 

That important message shared, from a vaping point of view please do your very best to use the lockdown opportunity to make the most of your vaping hobby. For those new to vaping, be strong. It might take some getting used to but vaping is most definitely a better and cleaner alternative to smoking. Stick with the vaping, despite it being a stressful time to have just quit or just be thinking about quitting. You’ll be very glad you didn’t backslide in the future.

Don’t forget – we have no control over Government decisions so while we are open for business and delivering as usual, who knows? In case of a risk of delay in new vaping orders being delivered, make sure that you have plenty to keep you going for now and that your kit is all in good working order and is well-maintained so you may vape during lockdown without disruption.

Stay safe and well!