Beating Boredom During Lockdown and Beyond

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It’s become very clear to most of us that normal life as we’ve known it isn’t going to return for some time, if ever. Our new normal, for the foreseeable future, will involve lockdown and then ongoing social distancing and likely the cancellation of public events and gatherings for some time to come. It’s easy to see why this new normal could sound like it’d be quite boring. We look at how you can beat the boredom during these times, with vaping tips and tricks amongst others to consider.

Learn Something New To Beat Boredom During Lockdown

If you’ve been furloughed or you are at home outside of work times and have nowhere to go and nothing to do (other than your daily exercise) why not beat boredom by learning something new? Why not consider learning a new language? You could use YouTube to teach yourself to use a hula hoop, Why not take an online woodwork class or watch videos and make yourself some nifty e liquid storage? If you’re going to go all out consider a hinged lid or a drawer for storing wicks and coils plus any other consumables.

Be Social To Beat Your Boredom

Being sociable during a lockdown or when we are sticking to social distance rules isn’t as easy as it once was. If, however, you have a community like the vaping community, it has never been easier to “get together” online. There are many vapers online. You can find them on YouTube, via vaping podcasts, on all social media channels, running blogs, forums and more. If you are looking to find out more about vaping and to get know more of your fellow vaping enthusiasts you’ll find that it’s easier to connect with people when you have a common interest. Talk about favourite e liquids, tips and tricks, industry news, favourite devices and so much more, all online. 

Be Active During Lockdown and Beat The Boredom

There are many restrictions that keep us at home right now and social distancing looks likely to continue far into the future. Despite this, we are all still allowed out once a day in order to get some all-important exercise in. This is vital for our physical and mental health and wellbeing. This doesn’t necessarily mean strapping on a pair of running shoes for the first time though. With so many resources online and many fitness classes being free, why not consider different types of Yoga, Zumba or some of the more unusual exercise? Perhaps now is the time to finally get started on the Couch25k programme (it’s free).

If you’re wanting to take part in a different type of exercise why not try vaping ring or shape blowing to the next level? Look it up online. It doesn’t have quite the same cardio benefits as HIIT but it takes concentration to build the skill. Some even call it a sport of sorts. A bit of a stretch maybe but if it gets you up on your feet, moving around and finding new ways to enjoy your vapour, we’re all for it.

Catch Up On The Tasks That Linger At The Back Of Your Mind

There’s a very good chance that you may now have time to get to all of those projects you once decided you didn’t have time to do. This is something of a double-edged sword. Yes, you can tick them off your list finally but sorry, that does mean cracking on and getting them done. Turn your attention to half-finished DIY, much-needed work in the garden, clearing out the attic or shed or your wardrobes. Take the opportunity to have a declutter and while you’re at it, give your vaping kit the once over.

Check that the container you use to keep your e liquids and assorting vaping items is in great condition with a lid and a way to keep your goods clean, dry, cool and away from strong light (this can affect your e liquids). Discard any bottles with dregs, check seals, make sure that that has been no discolouration in older e liquids and generally have a good clean and tidy up. If you have flavoured e juice in there that you opened, disliked and know you won’t ever vape, get rid!

Bored? Treat Yourself

Obviously, it is more important than ever right now to keep an eye on your finances. That said, a little treat can go a long way. Fancy gifting yourself something? Consider ordering from a small business, online or physically (many shops that are shut are taking email/online orders and delivering or posting out). Download a new book onto your Kindle, but one from an independent book store or use the library. Many libraries are now using volunteers to deliver books to those in the community. 

If you have a hobby, it could be time to treat yourself to something new. Maybe a recipe book so you can experiment more with your meals when at home. This time also offers you the ideal opportunity to experiment with new e liquids. If you are someone who usually sticks to the same few e liquid flavours all the time, there is nothing wrong with that. There’s nothing wrong with switching things up a little bit either. With so many affordable flavours, varying nicotine levels and different PG/VG ratios to consider there is is no need to get stuck in a rut. You might think that you won’t like a menthol e liquid or something dessert-like, for example, but until you try it, how can you be sure?

In Conclusion

Who knows how long restrictions will last. Few people are likely to be in a hurry to go to public events and anywhere with mass gatherings, that’s for sure. Not to start with, at least. Beating boredom during the lockdown and beyond isn’t as hard as you might think. Yes, it’s perfectly ok to have a few PJ days and binge-watch Netflix but that’s not really the best long term goal.

Given the restrictions, what would you love to do, learn or experience that will alleviate the boredom that comes with isolation and the upcoming “new normal”? We reckon that as long as we have our e cigarettes charged up so no-one slips back into smoking that we’ll be able to find something to keep us happy, amazed and busy. Take this time to really explore your interests, including vaping, or find new hobbies to keep you going.

Stay safe and well.