Vaping is a Budget-Friendly Hobby

budget-friendly hobby

Many people these days find themselves trying to make savings and stretch our incomes as far as possible. That doesn’t mean that we can’t have a little fun and enjoyment in our lives. Quite the opposite. Vaping is a budget-friendly hobby which means that as long as you know how, you can enjoy clouds of pleasure in a way that your bank balance approves of.

The Cost of Smoking

Before we look at the cost of vaping, we need to look at the cost of smoking. It’s good to have something to compare to when working out whether something really is budget-friendly, especially when you look at the alternatives. 

The cost of smoking increases year after year. It is a given these days that tobacco cigarette prices will increase annually as part of the Government’s budget announcement. At the time. of writing this you could pay as much as £10 for a pack of 20 cigarettes. If you smoke 5 packs a week that is £50 a week on cigarettes. That could be a cost of £2600 a year. Some people smoke more, some less. Either way that is a costly habit considering what you buy literally goes up in smoke. 

There are other costs associated with smoking such as the cost to your health and to the environment however that’s a topic for another article. This piece is all about affordability and enjoying your budget-friendly hobby. We’re not sure that smoking could fall under that remit. 

Starting Your Budget-Friendly Hobby 

If you are just starting out with vaping, having just made the switch from smoking, we would suggest starting small. All you really need to get started is a basic starter kit and a handful of cheap e liquids.

There are numerous different starter kits so it shouldn’t be hard to pick one that you like. Remember that if you are just starting out to start simple. The beauty of a vaping starter kit is that you are able to open the kit and get started without the need for anything other than your e liquids. Some starter kits even have a few e juice flavours to choose from. In terms of how affordable a starter kit is, they tend to start from around £20-£25. This is more expensive than picking up a £10 pack of cigarettes however an e cigarette and some e liquid is going to last significantly longer making it a more budget-friendly hobby. 

Vaping Running Costs Make For a Budget-Friendly Hobby

On top of buying an e cigarette there are some running costs. If you intend on buying a kit and sticking with that or upgrading to a more advanced kit that cost is upfront and usually you’ll only have to pay for e liquids. If you opt for a more advanced e cigarette you will eventually find yourself replacing coils and wicks. Batteries are also consumables.  

Which way of vaping is best for you depends on your likes/needs and how advanced you want to go. It is important to remember that even with consumables you are unlikely to spend as much on vaping as you would have done on smoking. 

E Liquids Don’t Have To Cost The Earth

Thankfully e liquids don’t need to cost the earth. Here at 99peliquids our flavoured e juice costs no more than, you’ve guessed it, 99p a bottle. If you want a selection of e liquids you can try out a number of fabulous flavours for just a few pounds. With prices like this vaping is a budget-friendly hobby indeed.

Don’t Get Carried Away 

When starting with a new hobby it is very easy to go overboard and vaping is no different. Vaping is a budget-friendly hobby so long as you don’t buy huge amounts of e-liquid at once (not knowing if you will like all of the flavours), numerous devices and accessories. Take it steady and try not to get too over-excited when it comes to vaping-related buying. Set yourself a monthly budget that you are comfortable with and put aside pennies for larger purchases.

Choose Authentic E Liquid and Safe E Cigarettes

Cheap e liquids can be hugely enjoyable and as we’ve shown time and time again can be of a high quality. We offer all of our e liquids for under one pound. Despite this, they are all TPD compliant, are produced using high-quality ingredients and are manufactured via both safe and hygienic production processes. We offer all of this with a budget-friendly price tag.

Not everyone is so concerned about cheap being safe and offering value for money. If you are approached and asked to buy e liquids very cheaply we would advise caution. Cheap e liquids are only budget-friendly if you don’t have to throw them out because you’ve not bought from a reputable vaping supplier like us. 

Vaping is a Budget-Friendly Hobby: In Summary

Having read through all of this we are guessing that the comparison between smoking and vaping when it comes to cost is clear. Vapers report that despite higher (but not high) starting costs that vaping comes up as the cheapest option long term. How much money you will save compared to when you were a smoker depends on how much you vape and how advanced a vaper you are. If you are quite happy with a kit or standalone e cigarette and some cheap e liquids your new hobby will cost less than if you replace your ecig every other week for something shiny and new and whether you feel the need to have every flavoured e liquid and accessory going. 


Vaping is a budget friendly hobby and one that you will be able to enjoy for years to come, even if your “entertainment and hobbies” budget isn’t the biggest.