E Cigarettes, E Liquids and FAQ

When people first switch over or consider switching over from tobacco smoking to using an electronic cigarette it is only natural that they have a lot of questions. These FAQ should help to answer the most commonly asked questions, allowing you to get on with enjoying your e smoking experience.

What’s An E Cigarette?

The most obvious question is this one! An e cigarette, otherwise known as an e cig or electronic cigarette is a device which allows you to smoke without burning tobacco. This battery powered device heats up an e liquid (more on these later) which in turn produces a vapour. This vapour may be inhaled and exhaled in place of the chemical laden tobacco smoke you once may have enjoyed.

Why Would I Choose E Smoking?

A brilliant question. There are many who have chosen to switch from tobacco smoking to e smoking and the main reason is because e smoking offers a cleaner smoke. As you inhale a vapour as opposed to a smoke you are not being affected by the hundreds of toxic and potentially cancer-causing chemicals that are commonly found in tobacco cigarettes (WHO – the World Health Organisation are the body who have assessed and labelled cigarettes and their ingredients as harmful).

With e smoking you also have the opportunity to open the door to a wide range of new and exciting flavours, from fruity e smoke to sweet ones, drink related ones, herby ones, tobacco ones and many, many more.

Many e smokers also claim that they made the switch over the e cigarettes in order to reduce the amount that they are spending on their smoking habit. While there are starting costs associated with e smoking (a typical basic starter kit may start at around ten pounds) and e liquid needs to be bought the running costs of e smoking are significantly lower longer term than those associated with tobacco smoking.

What’s Inside The E Liquid?

Regardless of whether you go one for cheap one pound e liquids or the more expensive and rather posh brands all e liquids have one thing in common which is that they all follow a very similar and very basic recipe. Liquids contain a base (made from propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine or a mixture of the two), flavourings (what flavourings depends entirely on what eliquids you have chosen and nicotine in varying levels (zero mg nicotine is now available in many flavours).

Which E Liquid Flavours Should I Choose?

There are so many e liquid choices that it may be tempting to buy a bucket full of different ones to start with. Your best bet is to decide on a handful of small bottles to begin with so that you don’t waste money if you don’t like them (you can’t return e liquids to a retailer if you don’t like the flavour!). Maximise your savings and go for a multi-buy or similar deal and over time you will learn which eliquid or e liquids are best for your particular and individual tastes.

How Long Do E Liquids Last?

How long a bottle will last depends on how heavy a smoker you are, how many puffs you take and of course how big the bottle is! Quality-wise e liquids that remain sealed and are stored appropriately (i.e. in a cool dark place) should last around two years before they start to lose their potency somewhat.

How Do E Liquids Help With Nicotine Reduction?

E cigarettes and e liquids are not produced for or marketed as an aid to help you quit smoking and/or reduce your nicotine intake. Nicotine itself has very little effect on the body however it is a fiercely addictive substance.

When choosing e smoking over tobacco smoking your flavoured e liquids are available in a number of different strength levels. Many e smokers wanting to take the addictiveness of smoking away and to enjoy e smoking because of the enjoyment rather than the addiction to nicotine often choose to slowly reduce their nicotine intake by choosing and using lower nicotine strengths over a period of time.

A general indication of the nicotine levels found in e liquids is below. Do remember that it is very important not to suddenly increase your nicotine level as this may make you feel incredibly ill indeed.

  • High levels of nicotine: These contain approx 18mg to 26mg of nicotine
  • Mid-levels of nicotine: These contain around 14mg – 18mg of nicotine
  • Low-level nicotine levels: These contain approx 6mg-11mg of nicotine
  • Zero nicotine levels: These contain no nicotine at all and sometimes referred to as e juices or shisha.

Some e liquids may be higher and some lower and so if you are unsure which is suitable for you it may be worthwhile talking to your retailer or the manufacturer of the e liquid that you have a question about.

How Do E Liquids Make E Smoking Feel Like Tobacco Smoking?

E smoking really should be celebrated for being a smoking alternative that is wonderfully unique and independent of tobacco smoking. That said of course those switching over from tobacco want to know how the two compare.

Firstly, e liquids (that produce the vapour which is inhaled and exhaled) come in a wide variety of flavours. This does not mean however that you have to give up your favourite tobacco taste. With a great many tobacco and even tobacco menthol e liquid flavourings available replicating the cigarette taste many enjoyed as a tobacco cigarette smoker is easy.

Secondly e liquids also produce the same or similar throat hit that tobacco smokers enjoy. This sensation does largely depend on how much nicotine there is in the e liquid in the same way that the nicotine levels in cigarettes affect the throat hit strength. E cigarettes themselves may look and feel very much like tobacco cigarettes which also help some smokers making the transition over to e smoking easier.

Are E Liquids Safe?

Until the World Health Organisation (WHO) gives e smoking, e cigarettes and e liquids the thumbs up retailers and manufacturers aren’t allowed to claim that they are 100% healthy or safe etc. This reason for this is that WHO require research that proves such claims to have been undertaken over a long period of time and for there to be plenty of it before ruling one way or another. What we can say however is that if used properly and in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions that there is no reason to believe that they aren’t safe.

Hopefully this has answered some of your e liquid and e cigarette questions, giving you a better understanding about the differences between e cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes as well as the role that e liquids play in your e smoking enjoyment.

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