Nicotine Basics

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One of the many benefits of vaping over smoking (one of the many benefits!) is the fact that you may customise the level or strength of nicotine you use. Where cigarettes tend to be fairly standard or you may choose “Lights”, vaping offers much more with a range of strengths, including a popular zero nicotine e juice option.

What Exactly is Nicotine?

There are many misconceptions about nicotine.  It is actually sourced e liquidnaturally, coming from the nightshade plant. Nightshade itself can be very dangerous if not used properly. Nicotine, however, promotes relaxation, heightens the oxygen consumption of your heart muscle, can increase focus and even encourage a type of euphoric feeling.

Addiction Concerns

Nicotine is known to be addictive. How addictive it is is something that is hard to pin down. Some reports suggest it is addictive when mixed with chemicals in tobacco cigarettes. Others believe it is addictive on its own. The difference between smoking and vaping is that you have the option to gradually reduce your consumption if wished. You may do this by choosing lower and lower nicotine strengths when buying eliquid.

Choosing Your Strength Carefully

From a health point of view, nicotine does not appear to cause any physical harm. It is important not to smoke or vape a much higher strength than your body is used to though. This can cause dizziness, nausea, headache and even vomiting. Choose a level that is similar to that you are used to when switching from smoking to vaping and gradually reduce or increase strengths to suit your tastes.

Vaping Nicotine Levels

Vapers enjoy the ability to customise their vaping hobby, from which devices they use to which e juice they choose to vape. Being able to also choose the nicotine level is the cherry on the cake as it can and does have an effect on taste and the level of, or harshness of throat hit. This is something that many vapers value, especially those who have recently switched over from smoking and are used to a significant throat hit.

The TPD (vaping and tobacco regulations) revised legislation back in May 2017 in order to put a cap on the amount and strength of nicotine a retailer might sell as part of a premixed e liquid. While this didn’t affect many vapers who were already vaping the allowed strength or below, heavy smokers who had switched over and those used to high strength e liquid were affected. This is where short fill e liquids came into play.

Short Fill E Liquid

When you buy a short fill e liquid you receive a bottle of flavoured zero nicotine ejuice. The bottle in which the e liquid comes in has a gap in the top as the bottle has not been filled to the top. This “gap” is there so that you, the vapers, may add the free nicotine shots included (free, not sold!) or your own shots. This ensures that you get the e liquid you want. Clever, and completely legal.

Short fills have allowed vapers to once again take control of their own nicotine consumption at higher levels. This mean they may enjoy the perfect vape for them.

Short fills also often work out more affordable than buying some brands in premixed e liquid bottles so it is a win for everyone.

In Summary

Nicotine is always going to be a topic that invites varying opinions.  It will be until someone proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is not in any way harmful and that the reported addiction isn’t as fierce an issue as some believe it to be.

Once the masses understand more about vaping, nicotine and how you may customise your intake when vaping, it is expected that even more individuals will ditch smoking and move over to enjoy the many benefits of vaping.