Why use 99p E Liquids? Well, when you smoke a tobacco cigarette you have limited access to different flavours. Yes you may switch between brands and of course there are menthol cigarettes if you fancy something a bit different however this really doesn’t compare with the huge number of different flavours e cigarette vapers have access to. Here at 99p E Liquids we have over 100 vape flavours in stock so it doesn’t matter if you crave minty freshness, coffee tones, something fruity or one of our more mysterious flavours. Whatever you fancy we have what you need. Our e liquid category filters makes searching by flavour type (i.e. sweet, fruity) and finding what you want quicker and easier. For top quality e liquids, the best prices in the UK and unbeatable service look no further. An e liquid is the base liquid which goes into an electronic cigarette and produces a flavoured vapour when the e cig is activated and the e liquid is heated. This vapour is inhaled and exhaled in the same way that smoke from a burning tobacco cigarette would be. E liquids come in a wide variety of flavours. E liquids are made up from a base, a colourless and odourless liquid which is a mixture of propylene glycol and vegetable glycol (both of which ingredients are used in food production etc). Added to the base are flavourings and an amount of nicotine (unless you opt for a nicotine free e liquid option which are very popular). Remember that with e liquids you may choose both the flavour you want and the nicotine strength. We use only the very best e liquids so that you may sure that you’ll be enjoying a quality vape each and every time.

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NewBanoffee Pie E Liquid - 10ml – 50PG / 50VG
50% VG
Banoffee Pie E Liquid – 10ml
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